Through trade fairs and events, brands can establish a profound dialogue with customers because these are contexts in which the immersive dimension arouses an emotional involvement and attention that other media hardly allow.

The boundaries between formats are increasingly blurred: trade fairs, conferences, conventions, exhibitions and events are hybridising to create new models in response to the changing needs of the market, which demands greater originality in concepts, layouts and installations.

Today's increasingly competitive environment, the new consumer needs, the evolution of the trade fair and event system and the new digital technologies therefore require professionals capable of developing increasingly innovative solutions.



MEED trains a new professional figure, the Event and Exhibition Designer. To this end, it teaches the Master's participants the skills, methodological and operational tools to:
  • understand the contexts in which events and fairs are created, as well as the economic and organizational implications;
  • design meetings involving different groups of clients and stakeholders in physical and digital spaces;
  • design and set up trade fairs, events, exhibitions, and points of sale;
  • design institutional and corporate events;
  • offer to companies and organizations a multidisciplinary vision based on design, management, marketing, and communication skills.

Target audience

MEED offers a unique specialization path for young graduates and a professional development opportunity for those working in companies providing communication services in event organizations, trade fairs, exhibitions, and retail sectors.
The Master's course is open to graduates with qualifications obtained in Italy or abroad (university degrees or equivalent titles according to the current regulations).

Employment opportunities

The multidisciplinary nature of the Master's program provides many career opportunities to a qualified Event and Exhibition Designer:
  • marketing or communication departments of manufacturing and distribution companies, banks, insurance companies, ICT, and digital companies
  • trade fair organizers
  • companies specializing in venue management
  • exhibition stand companies
  • exhibition production companies
  • marketing, communication, and PR agencies
  • event and show organization agencies
  • public and private cultural institutions (museums, foundations, festivals, regional and tourism promotion agencies)
Students who finish MEED can also work as freelance consultants.
The Master is also suitable for people interested in starting an entrepreneurial career.


The Master's course is held entirely in English.


The lessons take place in Milan at SPD – Scuola Politecnica di Design and Accademia Fiera Milano (Citylife) premises.

Recognition and qualitication

The Master’s course in Event and Exhibition Design is organized in collaboration with major industry leaders and other universities. Certificates and academic credits are awarded according to the ECTS system.

Master's course promoters

Fondazione Fiera Milano owns two large exhibition and conference centers that qualify Fiera Milano as one of the international leaders in the exhibition industry. It is a proactive shareholder in Fiera Milano Spa, a listed company that manages the two facilities, offers quality services and organizes trade fairs.
Fondazione invests mainly in real estate projects related to its core business, post-graduate education, art and culture. It is involved in strategic philanthropy (medical research, social and cultural support to the local community).

Scuola Politecnica di Design is the first design school founded in Italy. It was founded in 1954 and every year its postgraduate masters train designers and professionals from all over the world.
For the quality of its didactics and the prestige of its teachers, it has been awarded the Gold Medal of Triennale di Milano, the Civic Merit of the Municipality of Milan and the Compasso d’Oro of Adi, the Industrial Design Association.